Thursday, 12 May 2011

A little blog about bunting - Part 1

As a May offer I am offering 15% off all my handmade glass bunting, so I thought a would make a little bunting blog. 

Part 1 will show you how I make my glass bunting, and part 2 will show a few lovely bunting inspired products form other designers.

I start by selecting my sheets of coloured glass. I use pretty colours,at the moment I just love this fresh Apple Green and soft Petal Pink. I cut them into small triangles using a small hand held glass cutter.

I lay one glass triangles on top of another and fire them in my glass kiln.I add small handmade metal hooks for hanging.

I then apply my polka dot, striped and florals patterns and text. This are made from personally designed screen printed glass enamel tranfers.These are then again placed into the kiln and fired on.

Finally the edges of the glass are smoothed by hand and the flags are then strung together. 

Thank you for reading my bunting blog, part two will follow soon.

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  1. Wow, this is really lovely :)