Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Top Tips Tuesday - Facebook.

I love Facebook and my little page has become such an important part of my business. I update my status daily, normally about 5 times a day and I include the following types of things.

Photos of new products
Photos of work in progress - via Instagram
Photos of my studio - via Instagram
Images and words of inspiration - via Pinterest
Photos of my glass making workshops
Photos from craft / trade fairs
Images from press features 
Links to my blog
Ask questions - Do you prefer stars or snowflakes etc
Share links to FB pages, blogs and websites I like
Share links to craft fairs and exhibitions I like

I write my posts in an relaxed,informal and friendly yet professional way and keep the post relevant to my business i.e., glass, craft / design etc. I write a little about my family but normally when it is relevant, i.e. my children making glass etc.

I read once that you need to be 'interesting and interested', so interact and like other pages, reply to posts and respond quickly to comments and messages. 

I also have a Shop button on my page, which is linked to my Create website. This is a great way for customers to browse and I make lots of sales here.

Here are some links to a couple of my favourite Facebook pages:

Just a quick note on like and share competitions on Facebook. They are not allowed and if you run one you are at risk of having your page shut down. I am still trying to understand the rules but I think I can run a comp here on my blog, then use Facebook to promote it.  I only recently found this out via Joanne Dewberry who has loads of into and tips on social media. Take a look at her blog and Facebook page for more info. 


Finally here are some top tips from some of my Facebook likers:

Keep it professional and don't air your dirty laundry on fb first impressions are everything - Rock and Rose Photography, https://www.facebook.com/RockandRosePhotography?fref=ts 

Keep posting to get yourself seen, whether it's pictures of your product or friendly chit chat, it all helps. - The Prickly Moose 

Keeping the page fresh! I update with photos nearly every day and ask for feedback on them, this gets customers talking about what they like and don't like so much. - Liberty Rainne 

Try not to overload your likers with too many updates as they can get fed up and unlike u ! Or pre warn them and apologise in advance ! Flossie Doodles - Fingerprint a Masterpiece

My hot-top-tip is scheduling.. When you are composing a facebook post for your page, look for the little clock on the left hand side- click on it and it will give you the option to choose a date and time for the post to show up on your newsfeed. I now try and update the content for my facebook page in one go on a Monday morning,scheduling one update a day for the next week. It means that my facebook page keeps ticking over even when I am too busy to be online, and gives me the flexibility to add more topical updates if I want to as an extra. Then I just need to check in to see responses and interact if necessary. It's been such a timesaver, and helps me keep a structure to my page. - Maram Jewellery https://www.facebook.com/maramjewellery?fref=ts


  1. I'm pretty new to FB ... so thank you for this post ... it's incredibly useful. Kate
    (Oooh and cheers to Kirsten Miller who pointed it out to me)

  2. I took a quick look around your FB page and I have to say that you've done a great job with it. I like that you linked several social media accounts together, so people know how to find you other than your page. Couple that with your practice of keeping posts relevant to your business and making them conversational is the best way to promote what you do. Great job, Wendy! Thanks for sharing your tips and resources too!


  3. Your Facebook page looks great, Wendy. You're very on top of the kind of strategy it takes to make a page successful, and I hope that a lot of other page administrators will be able to learn from the tips and examples that you've shared.Reach for Freedom